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Lac Philippe

Some of the shots I took while we were camping at Lac Philippe in Gatineau Park, last week.  Had a lot of fun messing with long exposures and double exposures.  (I have to admit that the these are not true double exposures and that they had to be combined together while editing.)

Ottawa Pride 2015

An absolutely wonderful Sunday afternoon.  Spent a couple hours wandering around as folks got ready for the parade.

If by some chance you find yourself in one of my pictures and want it down, just let me know. Thanks.


An older trip that I never posted


Second trip to Balaclava

Creepy Abandoned House in South Mountain

Just a random find while visiting family.

There must have been at least eight layers of wallpaper in that first room. Thanks for reading, G.

Why the hell didn’t I back up my computer?

So, the last back up I ran for the computer was at the tail end of June.  I wasn’t off for the summer yet.  Since school let out, I’ve been going out at least once a week on my little photo excursions.  There are a ton of new pictures; stuff that I am incredibly proud of.  I crashed my laptop this week.  I spent twenty-four hours trying to breath life back into it.  Don’t ask me what I did, I’m not really sure.  I had to restore it from the last back up I did.  I lost every picture that I had taken and edited since the end of June.  I nearly cried.

The bright side is that I’ve been posting everything.  Facebook and this blog have those pictures, but they are in much smaller versions than the originals and not necessarily large enough to print from.  I also don’t erase my memory card, so I do in fact have the raw images from all the shoots, but none of the editing I did.

I’ve decided to re-edit a lot of them, so be prepared for some repeats.  I have a few interesting techniques and programs for tone mapping that I’ve been playing with, so they might be repeats, but I doubt I’ll edit them the same way.

Stay tuned.


Balaclava, ON (Summer Photo Excursion #8)

So the ongoing theme seems to be abandoned things and places and I’m loving it.  Today I visited Balaclava, ON where there’s this abandoned saw mill.  What a location.  It’s amazing.

There’s lots of really similar shots in here.  I like to change the angle just a bit and then edit them little differently, just to see what other looks work for the shot. Enjoy.


My darling other half informed me that the mill, according to wikipedia, was built in 1939 and has been abandoned since 1959.

Summer Photo Excursion #7

This was a good one.  Not every pictured turned out the way I want, but how often do we actually hit it on the button?

These were taken in Mount St. Patrick, ON.  I’d never been before, but I’ll definitely be back there.  Next time will be sunset and evening.  There’s some seriously cool things going on out there.

So, these photo excursions have been exactly what I hoped they’d be: therapy, vacations, and joy.  I have to say that really taking the time to shoot every weeks been like filling a Deep hole and is just such a pleasure.

Thanks for looking and reading,


Summer Photo Excursion #5 or #6

So, a weekend jaunt through Kingston and a little side trip to a flea market in Morrisburg yielded some decent shots.  A huge thanks to the one who reminded me about the lost and abandoned places in our neck of the woods.

Unfortunately, two of the sites I wanted to shoot had been torn down, but there were some nice finds this time out.

Thanks for reading,


Star Trails (first ever attempt)

There will be more attempts made.

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