So….  It’s been ages since I posted anything.  This place started as a way for me pour out some of what was inside me out into the world (yeah, that sounded as weird when I typed it as I’m sure it sounds reading it.)

Loads and loads of the posts are my photography, and that remains a huge passion in my life, but this passed year, I’ve been drawing.  A lot.  I don’t claim a particular talent for it, but I’m really really enjoying the process of learning how to do it better.

So, this winter, I started doodling some snowmen, and it occurred to me that snowmen are a pretty limited bunch.  I joked and chatted about this with some of my students (I work in a high school).  From there, the drawings that follow were born.

The enigmatic snowman (snowperson).  There are just so many things that they can’t do.

(if you love any of these drawings and think that you’d like one on a t-shirt, you’re in luck…