How many blogs?

I know that this isn’t the first time I’ve started a blog. I tried a personal one, which never had any posts. I had one for my photography business and I at least used that one from time to time. A great way to post updates on what I was doing and examples from the portfolio. Stuff people ostensibly want to read about or see.
So what am I doing here? Well I think this is going to be a personal blog. The idea started when I began thinking about high school and the 5 different high schools I went to, the differences and how much, in the end I hated high school. I’m certainly not alone in some of my experiences, but these ones are my experiences. Then I though, why not write a book or at least a few essays that you could put into a book. A lofty goal, but why not?
I figure this is kind of like journaling, but I can open it up to the world. I don’t really want to read anything that I’ve written or listen to anything that I have to say, but that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t want to. Maybe I’ll be really interesting to you. Maybe I’ll change your mind about some things. Maybe I’ll make you laugh.
So how many blogs do I have? Just one.


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