Sometimes, nothing beats a good argument.  I don’t meant the angry and scared kind of argument you and your partner get into over money.  That’s not an argument, that’s fear and love and life.  I mean argument as discussion.  It can be fun and eye opening and educational (is that the same as eye opening?)

I listen to CBC radio pretty regularly, and I love As it Happens.  I’d call so many of their interviews an argument because the good interviews challenge the interviewed.  That draws me in and keep me listening and keeps me coming back for more.  The same is true when I listen to Q.  I fell in love with Q a couple of years ago when Billy Bob Thornton was on.  I’d never heard an interviewer handle themselves so well in the face of mind boggling stupidity and belligerence.  I’m going to try and find a link to the interview.  If you haven’t heard it you’re missing out.


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