So. my daily prompt from the Daily Post.  As a brand new blogger these are great ideas.  I struggled with starting this blog because I had no idea what my voice would be.  This way I can ease into this, sort of, and get a feel for what my blog will be.

My better half’s immediate answer, when I asked her if I had a reputation, was to tell me that I have a reputation for being anti-social.  My immediate response was “Fuck you” followed by “Hang on, we’re gonna discuss this.”  She’s since left the room to argue with our 11 year old drama machine.

She’s right of course.  I really could be seen as anti social.  I’m very aware of this, but it still feels weird because I used to have a reputation for being very, if not too, social.  It wasn’t even having kid that change things for me.  My anti social trend began well before that.  I’d like to add that I’m not against being social, which is what anti implies.  I just like to have a lot of control over and a lot of warning before I need to be social.  In those cases, I’m very social.  I like people, sort of.  There’s lots of great people and interesting people and fun people out there.  What I want is to make sure those are the people I get to be social with.

Basically, I want it to be on my terms.  Also, I don’t want it to impose on the rest of my life.  I don’t want social to come to me, I’ll go to social.  If I feel like it and there’s nothing good on TV and we have a sitter for Alex and if I’m not too tired.

I’m not anti-social, but I’m not very social.


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