My wife, my life

A bit of hyperbole?  Yes.  A bit dramatic? Yes.  Yet somehow that doesn’t make it any less true.  Of course, my beautiful daughter is also my life, but this is about my wife.

When I met her, she lit up the room.  Her smile has always been radiant and she is very quick to show it off, usually while expressing a genuine interest in who you are and what you happen to be saying at the time.  We met while volunteering at a youth drop-in centre.  She engaged me and my imagination (wink) when we met.  I sat through a presentation, by a small raisin like asian man, about… I don’t remember what it was about.  What I do remember is that not one of the kids or staff or volunteers stayed to listen to the presentation, except for her.  I stayed as well, but only because I wanted to stay near her.  It helped that she was wearing this little plaid wrap around skirt that showcased a lovely pair of legs that ended at a kicking’ pair of Doc Martins.  I was thoroughly  taken with her, right away.

She allowed me and continues to allow me to be a fool and a child.  Admittedly, I am less a fool and a child than I was, which I’m sure makes it a bit easier on her.

She has been with me as I rise high and has been with me when I have been brought low.  Brought low, most often by my own actions, but she always sees the heights that I am capable of.

She has loved me consistently, at times, despite herself, I’m sure.  Certainly despite me as well.

She is a teacher.  A teacher by trade and Teacher at heart.  She yearns to make people think and see and understand and read and learn.  She gives every one of her students a part of herself and keenly feels the lose if it is neglected and keenly feels joy when it is taken and used.

She is a mother.  To one and to many.  She has poured herself into our daughter and works tirelessly to ensure that she does her best.

She is beautiful and sexy.  This has never changed and never will.  Her eyes are striking and see clearly (mostly).  She has the most wonderful mouth.  I am utterly in love with the shape of her lips and the softness of her breath.  I adore her every freckle, dimple and line.  This has never changed and never will.

I am happy because of her.  I like who I am because of her.  Any heights I’ve reached are because she is with me.

I love her.  I want to share her with everyone and no one.


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