Do you even know what AWOL means?

I’m going to give a little scream (in my head probably) if I get a like or a comment or a follow from one more member of Project AWOL or from someone who thinks I want to make money from this blog.  I literally have zero fucks to give about how you personally managed to turn your life around and how much happier you are now that you have joined the ranks and started making money from your blog; I don’t care how much money is out there for the taking or how wonderful my lifestyle could be  if I were to just get into the internet marketing thing.  If I come across your blog and read about your successes then great, but I don’t want your telemarketer-like comments and likes.  Maybe you did it.  Maybe you made millions through the internet marketing thing.  Guess what, for most people this is simply a scam.  Maybe who make money off their blog, but I think that they are the exception.  Obviously I do not have a vast amount of experience with this, but I trust my gut on this and my gut says that you need to fuck off.  I get a little thrill when someone likes one of my posts or leaves a comment, but then I explore a bit and find out that the like, comment or follow has nothing to do with my blog and I get the opposite of a thrill.  There’s this let down and I hate that.  These little interactions feel like cold-call telemarketers and I fucking hate that.  It’s an interruption and an intrusion.  To all those who want to let me know about the amazing opportunities that are passing me by, thanks, but I’m good.  This blog is kind of like a diary or a journal for me.  I have a career that I love and though I’d love to have more money I have no interest, time or energy to engage in the marketing that it would take to make it.  If you’re one of “them” but actually take the time to read what I’ve written and enjoy it, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope I haven’t offended you (I’m Canadian).

As the title suggests, by the way, I have a huge problem with the name Project AWOL.  It means Absent Without Leave.  It means taking off without permission.  I would hope that if you are raking in all that internet money then you’ve got permission to go where ever the hell you want to go.  Am I nitpicking? Maybe, but language is important and people need to use it properly.  I’m trying desperately to come up with another acronym that you could use that would also show my annoyance with the current one, one that would somehow incorporate the words Fuck and Off.  Alas I have been unable to come up with one.  Pretend I did and it was witty and awesome.




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