Remic Rapids (Summer photo excursion #2)

So, there was no theme or unifying idea for this shoot, beyond the obvious subjects of the pictures themselves.

I love the freestanding structures at the rapids.  I have no idea how the artists put these together, I’m not sure I’d ever have that kind of patience.  Patience is not my strong suit, but I’m always working on it.  If I sit still too long, I usually just end up inside my own head, and while it’s a nice place to visit…

Shooting at the rapids, tonight, really helped keep me out of my head and really helped me to spend some time in a moment instead of looking at all the other moments going on or wondering what other people’s moments were like.  I guess there was a bit of a zen thing going on.

Usually, I enjoy the editing almost as much as I enjoy the shooting.  Not the case tonight.  The shooting far surpassed the editing this time.  The weather was perfect and the view was excellent.  That being said, I’ll come back to these pictures again and again and tweak and polish and see things from a different angle, so to speak, and edit some more.


(The musical accompaniment tonight was Matthew Good – Live at Massey Hall.)


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