Power Lines & Road Work

This is sort of the final photo excursion of the summer.  Next week it’s autumn.  I’m sure I’ll get out again through the rest of the year, but this summer has been something special.  I met my goal of shooting at least once a week and the results have been more than I could have hoped for.

More than I could have hoped for in a few ways actually.  I lost touch with some people and reconnected with others; with summer’s end, I’ve reconnected with people from whom I’d drifted and I might drift away from others.  Relationships with people, relationships with art, relationships with our passions and with ourselves seem to move a lot like the tides.  In and out, away and close. The nice thing about this tidal comparison is that these things are never gone, just a little out of reach for a while.

Thank for a great summer and here’s looking forward.



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