What’s my point?

I so want to share my opinion.  When it comes down to it, I think, I started this blog with that in mind (or it was to impress the ladies.)  I find myself ranting and raving about the stupidity I see in the world.  I expend energy, day to day, trying to stamp out stupidity where I can.  Or maybe I’m not actively stamping it out all.  I might simply be observing it and then judging it and then feeling that I’m stamping it out by simply judging it.  Does that sentence even make sense?  My English teacher wifey will tell me and then I can edit it or not.  I judge.  I know it and I accept it.  I form all kinds of initial impressions about people, based on everything about them; the things they say or do, the way they dress and walk all tell me something.  I’m not foolish enough to think that I’m right in my impressions and I make it a point of always waiting to see.  I might think that you look like a douchbag, but I promise not to treat you like a douchbag until you prove to me that you are one.  Actually I don’t know how I treat douchbags as I generally try to avoid that kind of contact (douchbag is not officially classified as contagious but I’m not taking any chances.)  Maybe that makes me a douchbag in some way.  Maybe I’m maligning douchbags unfairly.


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