Who is he?

I walk by him a couple times every morning.

His office is off this tiny cramped hallway on the fifth floor of the building.  The office itself looks tiny and cramped too.  There’s enough room in it for a largish L-shaped desk and his chair.  There’s a door to the hallway and then another door opposite, leading deeper into the building.  When he sits at the desk, he’s sort of facing towards the door, a little off at an angle.  I can’t see any sign of decoration on his desk.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any, just that I can’t see it in the few moments as I walk by.

I’ve never seen him actually typing at his computer.  He’s always wearing headphones.  Not fancy earphones, but the kind that you’d find in the old language labs in high school.  Beige and brown and awful.  The cord is way too short and the way he sits, a little too far back from the desk, the cord from the headphones to the computer is pulled taut.  It seems so awkward to me.  His hands seem to always be in his lap, and I’ve never seen him move or sway or react to anything he may be hearing or seeing on the computer.

I am baffled.

I want to know more about him.  Instead of finding out anything real about him, I am going to make his story up.


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