What I did on my summer vacation. Part one

The Highway House.

Part of the plan for the summer, is to travel west on Hwy 7 and explore some of the abandoned and forgotten places along the route.  On my first trip out, last week, I spotted the Highway House.  Just outside of Carleton Place, right off the highway, stands the house and some silos.  Google maps will tell you that there’s a driveway that you can pull into.  This is no longer accurate.  There is no driveway and no road leading to the house, at all.  But, you can get there.  I got off the highway and drove down a couple back roads and then walked down a hiking trail.  A few minutes down the trail, there’s an almost dry creek;  google maps was able to show me that the creek actually led to the highway house.

A couple days ago, I went back with lots of water and an exploration partner and some boots.

Abandoned Edits-1-2
That middle part just got wider and deeper.

If the creek had been actually dry, this would have been a 25 min trek, or so.  However the creek was not all that dry.  It began with the kind of soft mud that will suck the boots off your feet and then became an actual creek.  There’s banks that you can awkwardly walk along and eventually you can just climb up and away from the creek, to the right, and walk through very tall grass instead (this is way easier than the banks of the creek).  The trek is about 45min to an hour.  Be prepared for more frogs than you have ever seen in one place.  With each step we scattered about 5 frogs.  I got truly scared that I’d have to scrape them off my boots.  If you can handle all that, you’ll get to the highway house.  It was so very worth it.

The view from the various windows kinda blew my mind.

Here are a ton of shots from in and around the house,  more “Hey look at how abandoned this is” than “Hey aren’t these pictures gorgeous?”

Stay tuned for the rest of the summer excursions.






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